PLAN calls on senate to speedily pass NARICT establishment bill, says it will enhance Nigeria’s economy

By Sani Idris

Partners for Legislative Agenda of Nigeria (PLAN), has called on the Senate to speedily pass the bill for National Research Institute for Chemical Technology (NARICT) Establishment Act 2022 (SB1084), saying that it would enhance Nigeria’s economy.

The the National Coordinator of PLAN, Malam khalifa Adamu Bello, made the call in a statement issued to pressmen on Wednesday in Kaduna.

He said that the research institute which the bill seeks to establish, would provide a globally competitive and environmentally friendly research, development and innovation in the processing and conversion of indigenous raw materials into valuable chemicals and petrochemical products.

He noted that it would be for the development of chemical, biochemical and man-made fibre technologies for industrial applications in Nigeria.

According to him, if the Senate passes the NARICT bill, it would place Nigeria at par with countries like Singapore and others in the production of chemicals and petrochemical products which are essential to lives and living.

Bello further stressed the importance of the research institute towards enhancement of Nigeria’s economic activities.

“The importance of NARICT bill if passed cannot be over emphasized, especially in the use and development of our local content; employment, conversion of agricultural mineral and other raw materials into useful chemicals, processing of commercial grade chemicals to laboratory grades,

“It will also enhance derivation of secondary chemicals from petrochemicals, coal, solid minerals and other materials, the production of functional polymers and engineering plastics, characterization and utilization, processing of natural and man-made fibres.

“It will further enhance establishment and operating of chemical testing laboratories for industrial application/ production and development of chemical catalysis, chemical process, design, modelling and simulating, pilot plant fabrication and design of chemical analytical instruments and quality control, among others,”he said.

The Coodinator lauded the leadership of the National Assembly led by Sen. Ahmad Lawan and the entire 9th assembly for being a pro- people’s assembly.

“Posterity will judge the entire members of the 9th assembly fairly and wonderfully well for the interest of the nation and its masses they have at heart, this is because of the attention and commitment they give to such human and developmental bills since their inception,”he said.

The Coodinator also commended Sen. Umar, Sadiq Suleiman, representing Kwara North senatorial zone, for sponsoring the bill, which intends to develop the nation and place Nigeria amongst the top advanced countries in chemical research, technology and management.

“While we congratulate the Senator for the bill’s successful passage of the first reading, we equally call on other Senators to emulate him in putting up bills meant to develop the citizenry,”.

The Coodinator therefore urged Sen. Umar Sadiq Suleiman,
to further write his name in history by seeing to the logical passage and assent to the NARICT bill.

He said PLAN, being an organisation whose agenda is to ensure the thriving of Nigerians democracy, it’s dividends being felt by the masses, and the development of Nigeria via positive legislation by the legislative arm of government.

He said therefore that wish as matter national interest and development, they wished to support the bill before the National Assembly which seeks to establish the NARICT establishment bill 2022 (SB. 1084)


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